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Month: December 2020

What to Do with Wet Rain Shoe Covers

What to Do with Wet Rain Shoe Covers

You have just stepped into the house after taking the dog for a walk. You shake off the umbrella, collapse it, and hang it on the coat rack to dry. Now it’s time to take off your wet rain shoe covers. What do you do with them? They came with a waterproof bag for easy storage, yet you correctly assume that you shouldn’t put them in the bag right away.

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Indeed, it is best to let shoe covers dry out first. And that means leaving them on the floor, right in front of the door. Or does it? Maybe not. There are ways to deal with wet shoe covers without leaving them in the way. Let us explore some of those ideas. Before we do though, let’s talk about mold first.

Why You Dry Them Out

Wet rain shoe covers should be allowed to dry for the same reason you let an umbrella dry before putting it back in bag; to prevent mold. If you stuff your shoe covers back into the bag while still wet, the chances are they … Read the rest