What to Do with Wet Rain Shoe Covers

What to Do with Wet Rain Shoe Covers

You have just stepped into the house after taking the dog for a walk. You shake off the umbrella, collapse it, and hang it on the coat rack to dry. Now it’s time to take off your wet rain shoe covers. What do you do with them? They came with a waterproof bag for easy storage, yet you correctly assume that you shouldn’t put them in the bag right away.

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Indeed, it is best to let shoe covers dry out first. And that means leaving them on the floor, right in front of the door. Or does it? Maybe not. There are ways to deal with wet shoe covers without leaving them in the way. Let us explore some of those ideas. Before we do though, let’s talk about mold first.

Why You Dry Them Out

Wet rain shoe covers should be allowed to dry for the same reason you let an umbrella dry before putting it back in bag; to prevent mold. If you stuff your shoe covers back into the bag while still wet, the chances are they will be moldy next time you pull them out. And if not immediately, they will grow mold after being repeatedly put away wet.

You can clean moldy shoe covers if you want, but it is not easy. You need rubber gloves, a cleaning solution effective against mold, a scrub brush, and some time. It is just not worth putting all that effort into addressing mold when you can avoid it – which leads us into some suggestions for dealing with your wet shoe covers, compliments of GC Tech.

Coat Hooks on the Wall

Back in the days before every student had a locker, elementary school classrooms had coat rooms featuring walls of hooks. On rainy days, students would hang their raincoats on the hooks and leave their galoshes on the floor underneath. You can take that same idea but modify it a bit.

Get some coat hooks and mount them on the wall near the door. Mount them closer to the floor – about 24 inches above should be good. Place a piece of scrap carpet directly underneath. Now you can hang your wet shoe covers on the hooks to dry. They will be off the floor and out of the way.

Leave Them on an Enclosed Porch

If you are fortunate enough to have an enclosed porch, leaving your wet shoe covers out there is ideal. You can hang hooks or just throw them in the corner. They will dry quite nicely but still be out of the way. If you have a screened porch, all the better. Air circulation will help your rain shoe covers dry even faster.

Dry Them in the Bathroom

Some people want wet shoe covers completely out of sight. So instead of hooks or a shoe rack, they take wet covers directly to the bathroom. There, they either hang them from the shower head, set them in the bathtub, or leave them in the sink. All are good solutions given that bathtubs and sinks are designed for water.

The only downside is remembering to go back and grab the dry shoe covers. Forget to do so and you could inadvertently turn on the shower first thing in the morning only to get your shoe covers wet all over again.

There are as many ideas as there are people who wear shoe covers. No matter what you do with yours, here’s the point: never store wet shoe covers in a storage bag. Give them plenty of time to dry out. Otherwise they just might grow mold.

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